Cody Kresta Vineyard & Winery"Award Winning Lake Shore Appellation Wine"

Cody Kresta Winery Grapes

The Vineyard and Winery

Cody Kresta is a small family-run farm winery located on 20 acres of land in the Lake Michigan Shore Appellation in Mattawan, Michigan. The owners, David and Mary Lou, share two great passions – crafting distinctive southwestern Michigan wines and living in harmony with the land they love. David and Mary Lou first met on their property twenty-four years ago at a dance in the homestead's 1882 vintage barn. They've devoted years to planting several acres of pecans, chestnuts and walnuts, and of course the vineyards that supply the grapes to make its low-volume, high quality wines. They've directed particular attention to establishing food and habitat for birds and wildlife and to developing a homestead that is enjoyable for family, friends, and visitors to spend their time. David, (who is also a building contractor) designed and built the tasting room and facilities from the property's heritage barns.

About the Winemaker

The Winemaker

As David's vineyard hobby grew bigger along with his passion for creating quality wines, his dream expanded to creating Cody Kresta winery and to sharing the fruits of his labor with his expanding community as well as family and friends.

David's grandparents had a grape farm nearby, also in Mattawan, established in the 1930's. David worked in the vineyards there from a young age. His grandfather, Joseph, made wine using a hand press that now graces the tasting room of the new winery at Cody Kresta.

David believes that memorable and pleasing wine begins with close attention to the basics. It begins in the vineyard and continues through the cellar. Winemaking is both an art and a science and that unique process is embodied in every bottle and glass.