Our Legend

Cody Kresta is a small, family winery specializing in hand-crafted Michigan wines produced at our vintage 1882 homestead in southern Michigan. We are dedicated to sharing quality wines with our friends, family, and community while helping to preserve our rural countryside. All grapes used in our wines are grown in the Lake Michigan Shore Appellation, including those from our own estate vineyard.

Our name, Cody Kresta, was created to honor, Cody,  Cody our beloved golden retriever, and David's Croatian heritage.

David is a third-generation grape grower nurturing the tradition passed on to him by his Croatian-born grandparents, Joseph and Anna. We invite you to enjoy the fruits of our labor and love of our land! To do so, please refer to our Michigan wine Tasting Room page for visiting and wine tasting hours.

Our Stock

Our vineyards are located in the Lake Michigan Shore Viticultural area of southwest Michigan. Like all great wine-growing regions near bodies of water, our vineyards benefit from the westerly breezes that cross the Lake. The tremendous heat-holding capacity of the water ameliorates the weather, which keeps it cooler in the spring and warmer in the fall. This allows us to grow grapes and fruits for our wine in this northerly latitude where they can develop the distinctive balance of sugar, acid, and flavor necessary to make great wine.

We purposefully keep the volume of our winery small so we can ensure the quality of all our wines. These include famous vinifera varieties such as "Riesling" and "Chardonnay" equally high quality hybrids such as the spicy muscat variety "Traminette" and our late-harvest Vidal, plus our unique Blueberry wine made in the full-bodied style of a French Bordeaux. "The truth is in the tasting." So we invite you to come and find out the truth about how good Michigan wines can be at Cody Kresta Winery.


Winemaking is both an art and a science and that unique process is embodied in every bottle and glass.


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