Our Dogs

Dogs and cats have always been a huge part of Mary Lou and David’s lives long before they ever met each other, and they’ve played an important role in the vineyard and winery even existing.  David’s golden-retriever, Sammy, was “matchmaker” for them at a square dance in David’s barn in 1986.  Then for over thirty years Mary Lou and David have shared their homestead with many beloved dogs and cats.  The winery is named in honor of Cody who was a constant companion of David’s in the vineyard.

They are the greeters, the entertainers, the comedians, the protectors, the healers, and the celebrities at Cody Kresta.  They keep a watchful eye on everything that is happening, and if they greet you, they may very well lead you right up to the door of the tasting room!

David and Mary Lou believe that their animals bring out the best in them and in everyone they come in contact with; they are an integral part of Cody Kresta.  “They bring unending pleasure and companionship. They sometimes provide the extra nudge we need to get our day started.  They are the source of immeasurable happiness that then extends to all aspects of our operation from the grapes to the wines we love!”